28 MLM Marketing Ideas

28 MLM Marketing Ideas

mlm marketing ideas

Read this post if you want 28 powerful MLM marketing ideas to grow your MLM downline.

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Should you even learn these MLM marketing strategies?

Keep in mind network marketing is comprised of two words..


One concept that I have been teaching for years is that there are two methods of building your business,

1. Active prospecting


2. Passive marketing

I have found that a healthy study of BOTH network marketing ideas leads to a bigger chance of success inside this profession.

Today we cover a LOT of ground in the MARKETING section.

My First 6 MLM Marketing Tips

**By the way, every single one of these 6 MLM marketing ideas I have personally used to recruit people, NONE of these are theoretical or MLM marketing ideas that I learned in a book or course somewhere but never tested myself.

1. Drop Cards. mlm marketing tipsDrop cards are those quasi business cards designed to look like $20 or $100 bills. They are actually obnoxious when used as they were originally intended (by throwing them on the ground) but in this article you will learn my 7 favorite ways of using Marketing Drop Cards that have actually worked for me.

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2. Posting Facebook status updates that raise curiosity. Please don’t post the totally over-used “I’m looking for 6 more people to show how to make a fortune online” status update. That is what led me to start making fun of it by posting status updates like “I’m ready to show 6 more people how to make ham sandwiches from home”. Post status updates (without links or company names!) to get people that are connected to you curious about what you are doing. Here are some examples..

“Just helped another person make an extra $100 this month, dang this is easy!”

“If you have ever struggled with X (making money, skin breakouts, weight loss, stress, etc),  private message me to get a full, step-by-step tool on how exactly to overcome this (and it actually is easy to follow)”

I could give you 50 of these things but the big point here is don’t be overly pitchy and don’t post your link or company name as those both raise resistance.

3. Attend company events and take pictures. Your company event is your chance to truly show off how successful your company is. When your friends, even the skeptical ones, see you at a conference with 10,000+ people around you for your company, that can absolutely prompt them to reach out to you. Attending company events is a major must if you ever want to build an actual MLM downline.

mlm marketing strategies4. Back Window decal. When I generically talk about having a back window decal I always get 100 messages asking me what mine says so instead I am just including it here. Now, you may not think these work but just Thursday my wife and I enrolled one of our neighbors at the highest entry in our company BECAUSE they saw our back window decal. These work AND if you get even a small percentage of your MLM downline to also use them, you are in the money. DO NOT use your company name in these, all that ever prompts is people to google your company and we all know what people find when they google about anything. For a fun take on that phenomenon, check out my Is MLM a Scam video.

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5. Flyers or Postcards. This is one of those MLM marketing ideas that is like, well, duh. Always have flyers or postcards with you when you are out and about. IF you are flying on a plane, shove these flyers in as many seatbacks as possible. IF you are waiting in a Doctor office or waiting room, leave a flyer or two in there. Super simple idea that is super easy.

6. Blogging. Blogging, in my opinion, is the mother of all MLM marketing ideas. My blogs are my best MLM marketing tools that have helped me make money, get leads and position myself as an expert. Right now we have a special offer on a blog training that I did, for only $7 you can learn the basics and check out if blogging is a fit for you. IF you are an existing blogger and want to get my mentoring, feel free to email me about my Private Blogging Association.

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OK, I got these from here and they are NOT specific to MLM but they sure are dang cool and good ideas.


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