3 Tips to Rock Your Online Network Marketing Business

3 Tips to Rock Your Online Network Marketing Business


If you FOCUS, your business is going to grow a lot faster.

Unfortunately, as you might know firsthand, it’s easy to get sidetracked, overwhelmed, and frozen by paralysis of analysis in today’s world of constant distraction.

Let’s face it, at any given moment there are dozens of things you could be doing—some productive, some not.

So if you want to get clear on what’s actually important and what actions will create REAL results in your business, you must learn how to focus.

One of my colleagues, Dr. Jim Storhok, will reveal three tips to maintaining your focus, especially when you’re a new online networker.

Focus, grasshopper. Focus.

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When you’re new to the online marketing game, whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a network marketer, focus is key.

You can’t burn a hole through any darn thing with a flashlight.

You have to have a laser beam.

This idea came to me because I’ve been doing a lot of coaching calls recently, and it’s amazing when someone is new to the online game you sometimes feel like this…

“Oh my word, there’s so much information out there. There’s so much that I know that I don’t know.”

You get into that mode of you have to start learning everything about everything.

That word “overwhelm,” which I hate, starts to seep in.

What I’ve come to realize is that the more focused you can get, the better off you’re going to be.

So without further ado, here are…

3 tips to rock your online network marketing business

The first area that I recommend you get laser-focused on is…

1. Who the heck you’re marketing to

Nothing else matters if you don’t get this first piece right.

You can have an autoresponder, an awesome-looking website, and a cool cover banner.

But if you’re not speaking to your one perfect prospect, that one ideal customer or distributor that you want to attract to yourself, you’ve got no shot in Hades getting the thing right.

One of my first coaches in online marketing told me…

“All right, Jim, this is what you got to do. Get out a sheet of paper, and start writing a narrative.”

And I thought…

“Dude, seriously? A narrative?”

He said…

“Write a narrative, and be really, really descriptive about the following…”

  • What’s the person’s name?
  • What’s their occupation?
  • What do they like to do?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they read, watch, listen to?
  • A really big question is what are they afraid of?
  • What does your perfect customer, your perfect prospect, what do they go to bed at night freaked out about?

If you can really nail that, then you can hit that in your marketing message.

Then, the flip side of that coin is…

  • What are they running towards?
  • What are their goals?
  • Or, what are their dreams?
  • What are their desires?
  • What do they want to get?

It’s kind of like the carrot and the stick analogy.

You want to whack them with the stick, but you want to dangle the carrot.

If you can do that, you can move them towards making a decision, which is ultimately investing in you and your product, service, or opportunity.

So get clear on that.

Know the person, describe them, understand their problems, and their desires, and see if you can hit them with both the pains and problems, as well as with the goals and desires.

Tip #2 on maintaining focus when you’re new to online marketing is…

2. Get clear and focused on your offer

That was another big thing for me when I started.

I didn’t know what the heck I wanted to offer.

I just wanted to offer anything that anybody would buy.

It’s funny because I wanted to help, but I would just throw a bunch of mud against the wall to see what would stick.

Once I got clear by saying…

“This is going to be my offer. This is what I’m going to market.”

When I got consistent with my messaging, I started to develop my voice.

That’s what is going to occur with you once you get this process figured out in your head.

A lot of network marketers come into the Elite Marketing Pro community and they want to learn how to build their business online.

For me, when I first got started with Elite Marketing Pro, I thought…

“Man, I want to start to learn how to market my network marketing products and services. I wanted to create a sales funnel and all these different things for my network marketing product and service and opportunity.”

One piece of advice that Ferny Ceballos gave me was…

“You have to get clear.”

He quite frankly hit me with a ‘truth bomb,’ which I really, really appreciate him doing.

And he said…

“Jim, you just don’t think like a marketer yet.”

And in the beginning, I thought…

“Oh, man, that was kind of harsh, dude.”

But you know what?

Mentors are there to tell you the truth so that you can get unstuck and move forward in your business and in your life.

So I really appreciate Ferny for telling me that.

What he helped me realize was that I needed to learn the skillsets of marketing.

He told me…

“I could give you all the best capture pages, and all the best hooks for your Facebook, and your advertisements. But at the end of the day, you’ll never be able to critically think for yourself. What we want to do here at Elite Marketing Pro is give you the tools, the skillsets, in order to create a lifestyle business of your dreams. But you’ve got to learn the skillsets so you can get clear and focused on your offer.”

For me, I’ve always offered the Attraction Marketing Formula.


Because that’s what I came into the community on, and that is the product that I’m the most passionate about, because it changed my life.

16 months ago, I thought…

“How do those people do what they do?”

And now I’m a successful part of the community.

It’s amazing what happens if you…

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Successful

That’s the acronym for FOCUS.

Let’s recap.

  1. Tip number one was get clear and focused on who you’re speaking to.
  2. Tip number two, get clear and focused on your offer.

Another thing that you can do is when it comes to your offer is, along with your product, you can offer something as part of a package to make yourself stand out above the crowd.

Here’s an example of an offer.

It’s an offer for Attraction Marketing Formula, plus a 30-minute consultation to speak with me in order to get your business moving forward.

That is packaging an offer.

Maybe you’d be willing to do that in your business.

Or, maybe you’d be willing to jump on and do a 30-minute strategy session.

Lastly, maybe you’d be willing to hop on a video chat and meet someone.

I tell you what, if you are willing to take an online connection and bring it offline and start to build that relationship, you can build your business and relationships fast.

Ultimately, we are all about building relationships.

Tip #3 is I would highly recommend that you…

3. Develop a simple DMO

Now, do you guys know what a DMO is?

Because I didn’t know what the heck a DMO was when I started.

A DMO, at least the way I see it, is a Daily Method of Operation.

What are you doing day in and day out?

What is your business day going to look like?

This is especially important if you’re trying to build your business on the side, like I am.

I am a doctor of physical therapy.

I run a very, busy outpatient orthopedic physical therapy practice 40 hours a week, and I have a wife that loves to see me at home, and I have three kids that are ages five, three, and eight months old.

My life is organized chaos.

You wonder – when do you fit building your business into your life with so much else going on?

What I’ve found is that you must be laser focused, saying…

“These are the times that I’m going to build my business.”

I’ve built everything in my business, from January of last year until today, working mostly after 9:00 PM.

That’s the time when my kids are tucked away in their beds.

We’ve done prayers, we’ve done songs, we’ve read books, and now my priorities for family have been taken care of.

Now it’s time to rock and roll on the business.

Because the Internet never sleeps.

That’s the beauty about building your business online, is that you can build it when it’s convenient for you.

So you need to develop a simple DMO.

The first thing I want to recommend is — plan your day out ahead of time.

If you can run into Monday knowing exactly what you need to do to feel accomplished, like you got something knocked out, you’re never going to feel stuck, because you’re always going to think…

“Yep, I wrote down what I wanted to do. I wrote down: define my perfect prospect, get clear on what their pains, and their problems, and their goals, and their desires are.”

Then if you just get that one thing done, do you feel like a rockstar?

You darn well should, because you are a rockstar!

You took a positive action step in the right direction towards your goals and dreams.

If time is precious, you need to block some time in your day.

I learned that from our fearless leadership mentor, J.T. DeBolt.

You should block 30 to 45 minutes and put your phone on airplane mode, cut the distractions out, and just hit it hard for that block of time and be focused.

Again, focus, grasshopper.

Then, take 10 or 15 minutes and chill.

Go get a Coke, watch some mindless TV, see your spouse, play with your kids, do whatever you do to decompress.

Leave the room, and then when you come back for your next session you’re fresh, you’re clear, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Last, but certainly not least, remember the WIN principle…

What’s Important Next?

There are so many good things to do, but typically there’s only one great thing to do.

So get really clear on what’s important next.

It doesn’t really matter about learning about autoresponders, and learning about widgets, and doing all this crazy stuff, if you don’t know who you’re speaking to.

If you don’t know their pains and problems, or goals and desires, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re going to offer none of the other stuff matters.

Follow what’s important next and do that one thing that’s going to move you forward.

Take action daily in your business.

If there’s one thing that I’ve done right, and trust me, I’ve done a whole bunch of stuff WRONG in the 16 months that I’ve been building my business online…

But the one thing that I know I’ve done right, and you can do right, is take action every day.

Recently I’ve taken Sundays off, because for me it’s for the Lord and for my family.

It’s just a personal priority for our family to do less work on Sunday.

But I did work holidays, birthdays, and even Christmas.

I even tried to do a live in the birthing room when my baby was born eight months ago.

My wife didn’t want it; I thought it would be “must see TV.”

I said, “Honey, we’ll only shoot it from like here up,” and she kicked me out of the room.

So I went home and I did my live video and I came back, and all was well.

So, to reiterate…

Take daily actionable steps

…and if you do, you’ll be in a drastically different place in 12-to-18 months and beyond.

I really, really hope you do, and I’m cheering you on.

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