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Ferny Ceballos

Fantastic, Eric Buchholz! You’re a leader my friend. Congratulations, AR Jones. Eric, is Bing your primary traffic method?

Ferny Ceballos Chief Marketing Officer - Elite Marketing Pro


AR Jones, Jr.

Hello everyone. For me, things seem to be moving slowly. I was having problems getting more than one or two leads a week. With the help of Eric, I now get about 5 – 10 leads a day at .15¢ to .20¢ per click. Thank you Eric. Next step turn leads into cash. Anyone need help with anything, talk with Eric.

AR Jones, Jr. AR Jones


Ferny Ceballos

We need someone in our community that can teach and get great results with Bing Ads. So keep rocking it man. There’s an opportunity for exposure!

Ferny Ceballos Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer - No Excuses Summit