How to Avoid Helping Everyone Else Succeed at Your Expense

How to Avoid Helping Everyone Else Succeed at Your Expense


An old friend, who used to be in my upline (at the very traditional network marketing company I started with), recently shared some news.

He achieved “Silver” status.

That means he’s now earning $60-70,000 a year.

And I’m happy for him!

That’s a HUGE milestone in that particular company.

And if he maintains that volume level for three months straight, he’ll make “Platinum”.

Here’s the thing though, he’s been in that business for eighteen years.

Let that sink in…


…to make it to $60,000 a year.

I personally had long given up on this company after 2 years of no results, yet here he is 18 years later and he’s finally “made it”.

As you may know, I got my start in network marketing in 2005.

This particular friend was the leader in our little group, a few levels upline from me.

His background, like mine, is engineering.

He graduated with a triple major at Cal Tech, is insanely intelligent, and is a very smart dude.

The company we were in, I won’t mention it by name, but they have great products, and I still consume some of them today.

My own mom swears by their vitamins – and I still order them for her.

But, to put it nicely…

This company carried a lot of baggage from the past

And this particular company is one of the least progressive of them all.

In terms of recruiting and business building, they’re stuck in very old-school – offline methods.

As hard as I worked to make that business work, their philosophy for building simply didn’t align with the modern era.

Nine months after I joined that company back in 2005, I found Attraction Marketing and I knew it was how I wanted to build – online without prospecting friends and family anymore and without approaching strangers in public.

And my life changed from that point on.

Part way through my online journey, I also realized I had to change my primary vehicle, if I wanted to be successful in network marketing as quickly as I wanted, because my chosen philosophy for building online was not in alignment with this traditional company anymore.

So I left that company and joined another – one that embraced technology, and the Internet, and focused on creating multiple income streams.

I became very successful, FAST, earning my first 6-figures in network marketing within 1 year of making the switch.

My friend, on the other hand, stayed with that old, traditional company.

He kept going, plodding along, never giving up.

And it’s taken him 18 years (from when he started in network marketing) to earn $60,000 a year.

He can now proudly claim, “Hey, I’ve been successful!”

Which got me to thinking…

What if he had been with a different company, would he have achieved success faster?

If I were him, I would have…

After all, using the Internet gave me the income and time freedom I wanted – much faster than I would have building old school.

And then a question hit me…

During all that time, was my friend subsidizing the more successful people, higher up in his organization who built the biz long ago, with his years of plodding dedication to the company? And were all the people my friend recruited who never did much anything but buy their autoship subsidizing him and everyone else upline from them?

Were people succeeding at other people’s expense?

The answer might surprise – or shock – you.

You might be sitting there self-righteously thinking, “My success will never come at other people’s expense.”

And that wouldn’t be an entirely honest assessment.

Think about it…

Every institution has a hierarchy in which some benefit more than others

In a traditional large corporation, the hierarchy is built with shareholders at the top, with executives under them, directors and managers under them, and employees supporting the whole structure.

Driven by profit, the shareholders and executives create a contract with their directors, managers, and employees.

“Hey, guys, we’re going to pay you less than we earn. But the good news is we’ll offer you a certain level of security. That security is your steady, predictable monthly income, and well-defined duties. You’ll have this job, but you don’t share in the risks and responsibilities of the company’s profit. Deal?”

Are the employees subsidizing the huge amounts of profit shared by the shareholders and executives?

In religious institutions, the hierarchy (supposedly) puts the Divine Being at the top, with clergy as intermediaries (middlemen), who interpret the God’s rules to the mass of worshippers.

“Hey, we’ve got a lock on the Word of the God, but we need to spread our message and grow our religion. Not everybody can afford to retreat from the world to live a deeply spiritual life. How about we create a simpler set of rules, teach it to people during worship services, and ask them to give us money so we can grow our influence, support those who are more deeply committed to a spiritual life, build more churches or temples, and spread the Word.”

Are the “people in the pews” subsidizing the philosophical and spiritual commitment of the people higher up in the faith?

(Note: I’m not anti-religion or anti-God, just showing how most organizations are structured.)

Network marketing has a hierarchy and trade-offs too

People who have built massive organizations and reached Platinum, Triple Diamond, or whatever they’re calling it, are benefiting more than those less successful than they are.

The middle of the hierarchy contains people like my friend – putting in the time, (A LOT of TIME) building their organizations one rep at a time, and experiencing some degree of success.

The bottom of the hierarchy consists of new reps and all those who aren’t actually doing anything to build or grow their businesses, but they are spending money on products, tools and maybe recruiting 1 or 2 people every now and then. Many of these folks even losing money, but still creating volume.

Do those lower levels of the organization actually subsidize their upline’s success?

Even the customers of a training and mentorship company that so many gurus own, selling their training products, books, etc have something similar going on among their followers.

We have people who buy and use the training products to take massive action and get results.

And we have people who are “addicted to shiny objects,” who buy product after product, never doing anything with them.

Most revenue comes from the ‘shiny object’ folks, but the people that benefit are the action takers.

But here’s the truth…

Only a small percentage of these book & training customers will ever take massive action.

And an even smaller minority will have a NEVER GIVE UP attitude in pursuit of their goals.

So whether it’s a spiritual quest, a business vision, or a network marketing company, the only sound conclusion I can make, based on these observations is this…

The many subsidize the few… always

But it’s all to support the few who choose to take massive action. (Emphasis on the word “choose”)

So, the question you have to face right now, is this…

What’s YOUR place in the hierarchy do you CHOOSE?

Do you want to be subsidizing the few successful people?


Do you CHOOSE to be one of them?

Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity that’s right in front of you?

You always have a choice.

How many books do you have sitting on your shelf that you’ve never read?

Each of those books or courses you haven’t touched has subsidized the success of someone else, who did take massive action with the information inside it. I’m as guilty as anyone, when it comes to this.

The whole world works that way.

But here’s the good news…

You always have a choice!

Whether it’s network marketing, traditional employment, or any other organization you participate in, if you want to rise up the ranks, you’re going to have to take action and perform at a different level than you are right now.

Here’s how that happens…

It takes time to develop skills – at anything.

And some people learn faster than others do.

My friend, while really smart actually lacked people skills, but he chose to keep going and develop them over time.

He never gave up.

Even working in the old-school company, with its conservative philosophy and outdated methods.

Over time – after eighteen years of slogging away, to be exact – he developed the required skills and now he’s getting results.

He could have succeeded faster, in my opinion, if he had made different choices.

But the one choice that did guarantee his eventual success was…

“I’m never giving up”

Success for some people takes longer than for others, depending on what skills they already have, HOW they do things and WHO they do it with.

But my friend is living proof that you will get there, eventually…IF you are fully committed – if you believe – and if you take concrete action every day.

Most people fail because they procrastinate and they don’t truly believe in the HOW or WHO or both.

And the combination of procrastination and lack of belief leads to zero motivation.

So they don’t take any action.

For some, we’ll only get motivated enough to take consistent and massive action when we’ve experienced enough pain decide…

“I’m never giving up!”

Here’s the good news…

Implementing the right strategy will reinforce your belief and speed up your progress

And if you’re already involved with Attraction Marketing, you’re participating in something extremely special, that can accelerate your success.

What we teach – what we’re committed to – can make a huge impact in your life, as you learn and develop the powerful skills that will make you successful.

Now, just like I had to ask myself back in my old-school company days, so too must you ask yourself…

Are you with the right vehicle? Are you using the right strategy?

As I mentioned, my friend might have achieved his level of success a whole lot faster if he had chosen a different vehicle and strategy.

But he couldn’t see that.

Still can’t.

He suffers from something called “confirmation bias.”

Most of us do, too.

We make a choice, and we defend it as the right choice, no matter what evidence to the contrary we see right in front of us.

We believe we’re with the ONLY right company

Much like we believe that our political point of view is the ONLY right one.

We ignore or discredit anything that contradicts our beliefs, justifying our bias by seeing only the “facts” that reinforce them.

But, truth be told, subconsciously – in our gut – we know something’s off.

We have this gut feeling that something isn’t quite right with our world, that we’re not following the best path.

So here’s my challenge to you…

Choose to be among the successful – not among the 98% who are subsidizing the successful.

To do that, you first have to be honest.

Answer these questions, consciously…

  • Are you with the right vehicle?
  • Do you really believe in what you’re doing?
  • Are you using the right strategies to build online and offline?

Because your subconscious will know the true answers to these questions, even when you try to convince yourself otherwise.

If you’re with the wrong vehicle, your subconscious will find ways to sabotage your success.

If you’re following the wrong strategies…

Your subconscious will find a way to slow you down

It’ll say, “Nah… I don’t like this, I don’t feel like doing it today.”

And while you’re caught in this internal struggle, your money is busy subsidizing somebody else’s success.

“The many will always subsidize the few.”

And it’s your choice…

You can be among the many. Or be among the few.

One thing you can do right now is start using digital networking strategies!

…and ditch the tired old-school tactics, which will only serve to embarrass you, deflate you, and crush your belief in this industry.

So if you’re ready to use 21st century methods, then I highly recommend you sign up for my FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

You’ll see the exact process I’ve personally used (and am still using) to build a massive lifestyle business from home in a very short time.

And here’s the bottom line…

There are cubicle slaves, lawyers, doctors, and professionals at high levels entering the network marketing space!

Because not only do they see a credible opportunity here, they also see a BETTER opportunity in network marketing.

So set yourself up to allow the other 98% to subsidize YOUR success…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

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