How To Find New Prospects

How To Find New Prospects

The BIG question…How to find new prospects?

When you sign up for a network marketing opportunity, the motivation and excitement level you feel is high. However, many times that motivation wanes when you realize that you are now responsible for coming in contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people to prospect into your organization before you start making a serious amount of money.

This can seem overwhelming, even paralyzing! It is difficult to imagine where you might meet all of these people that you can prospect into your business.

Here are five tips on places that you can meet new people that would make excellent prospects for your network marketing enterprise.

How To Find New Prospects

Tip #1:  You can meet potential prospects at clubs that you both belong to, like church or at the gym. There is an automatic Rapport automatically developed between the two of you before you even say a word to one another because of the fact that you both belong to whatever club or collegial organization that the two of you belong to. You can build on that rapport and move the conversation toward your network marketing opportunity.

Tip #2:  You can meet potential network marketing prospects out in public at places like the movies or the mall. This is perhaps the most fertile of all the prospecting grounds, because the supply of people that you can meet out in public is absolutely endless. If you have a dry day, you can try again the next day, many times even in the exact same location. The population of people there will be entirely different!

Tip #3:  You can meet people to prospect for your network marketing opportunity by simply going door-to-door in your neighborhood and introducing yourself. In fact, a twist on this idea is to simply invite all the people from your neighborhood to a party or a barbecue where you serve up products from your network marketing company. Don’t put any pressure on your neighbors up the party, simply hand out your cards to let them know where they can contact you to order more products or join the opportunity.

Tip #4:  You can meet potential prospects for your network marketing opportunity by utilizing social networking and social media outlets. This is something you need to be quite careful with, however, to make sure that you aren’t spamming. Let conversations take their natural course and grow organically.

Tip #5:  Another great place to meet new prospects is to make conversation with all of the service people who help you, like waitstaff and the teller at your bank. Especially if they seem particularly sharp or on the ball, this can be incredibly helpful because your party seen how they handle professional situations so you know they would be great on your team.

Don’t let the scary idea of having to meet people and cold prospect them destroy your enthusiasm for the network marketing opportunity that had you so excited at the beginning. It can still be your future, you just need to learn how to meet new people and prospect them! Now you have five good and solid ideas about places to cultivate those new contacts. Put them to good use by going out and trying them today.


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How can you learn to use How To Find New Prospects in your Network Marketing business? I hope you found these networking tips useful, and can implement them to grow your marketing or home-based business. Only then, can you have the freedom to lead the life you really want and truly deserve!

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