How to start earning an extra $1,000 a month Blogging in the next 30 days...

How to start earning an extra $1,000 a month Blogging in the next 30 days…

What if I told you that it’s possible for you to start earning an extra $1,000 each month with your blog in the next 30 days?

Would you be interested in what I’m about to tell you?

Well sit back, put your feet up and relax…We’re about to dive into the deep-end and you’re going to discover how to create incredibly lucrative results with your blog using a simple, 3-step system. Are you ready?

One of my mentors, Tim Erway was once quoted as saying…‘Blogging is the most reliable, long-term strategy for creating a true business asset that will pay you “dividends” month after month.  All it takes is dedication.’

Wow, truer words were never spoken…

You already know that blogging is a MUST for your business. As the internet grows, your prospects expect higher quality content, community, and level of social interaction. No longer can you simply send your traffic directly to a “capture page” sandwiched in front of a sales page. Your prospects expect much more.

There are 3 steps to earning an extra $1,000 each month with your blog in the next 30 days:

How to start earning an extra $1,000 a month Blogging in the next 30 days...

1. Set up your blog the right way with the 7 Step Blog Setup Checklist.

2. Start posting following the 7 Step Formula for Creating Engaging Content.

3. Then drive traffic using one of the Top 12 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog.

Once you’ve completed these 3 steps, you’ll be on your way towards growing your list and building a following, which is the fastest path to creating a stable, long term business model. You’ll also have created a residual income for years to come, while helping teach others to do the same.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the details of setting up your blog. While there’s a lot to learn and implement, you don’t need to do it all in the beginning. You can always upgrade and tweak everything later. The key is to get started, take decisive action and get the ball rolling.

Are you ready to discover the most unique system on the planet to getting free traffic, leads, and sales in just 22 minutes a day? Would you like to…

 Start making significantly MORE MONEY!
 Have much MORE FREE TIME!
 And enjoy a much BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE!

That’s right, if you can invest just 22 minutes a day in your success and follow some simple instructions…

YOU can make over $100,000 this year.

How you ask?

As I mentioned earlier, one of my mentors Tim Erway started me down the path to the freedom I have always wanted for my family. He also got one of the top bloggers in the industry, Mr. Ray Higdon, to reveal how he consistently makes six-figures a MONTH with just his blog.

Ray has developed a unique system that instantly turns his visitors into raving fans and paying customers. And he’s averaging 1,433 brand new leads a month without spending a dime. Amazing!

Here’s just a little bit of what you’ll learn from Ray…

  • The single best way to get LOTS of super high-quality traffic without spending a dime.
  • Ray’s “Black Book” of secret websites to post your blog to. Simply go through the list and add your blog to these secret sources. Then sit back and watch your Google rankings skyrocket.
  • A little-known 100% FREE technique you can use to leverage OTHER people’s efforts and get even more traffic. This won’t cost you a penny and THEY do all the work.
  • How to spread your content like wildfire and magnetically attract scores of brand new visitors using Ray’s sneaky “share and commenting” methods.
  • How to create a frenzy and get your visitors to WANT to come back to your blog, cheerfully consuming your content and buying your products or services. Using these tips you’ll be able to get more repeat traffic than just about anyone else in your niche.
  • PLUS… How to monetize all this traffic, turning it into sales and putting cash in your pocket.

…excerpts taken from ‘Your Authority Blog Checklist’ by Elite Marketing Pro

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Are you ready to start making an extra $1,000 a month by taking massive action and to start blogging with real authority? I hope you found these blogging tips useful, and can implement them to grow your marketing or home-based business. Only then, can you have the freedom to lead the life you really want and truly deserve!

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