“Money or Die” Inaugural Episode of ‘Between Two Banners with Andrew Draughon’ – Guest #1: Bill Pescosolido (…We Would Have Preferred Gary V)

“Money or Die” Inaugural Episode of ‘Between Two Banners with Andrew Draughon’ – Guest #1: Bill Pescosolido (…We Would Have Preferred Gary V)

What do paper airplanes, sprinkling fireballs, and PowerPoint slides dramatically “flopping forward” all have in common?

The answer is a secret weapon you can use in your presentations to create the type of impact on your prospects that will legitimately last a lifetime. (Or really annoy them!)

Before you dive in…

We’d like to welcome you to Elite Marketing Pro’s new brand, “Money or Die,” with this, the premier episode (and likely only episode) of our new “un-training” series, “Between Two Banners with Andrew Draughon” with special guest Bill Pescosolido.

(Seriously, Gary V would have been SOOOOO much cooler!)

Watch Bill break down this high-level “darkside” marketing tactic, step-by-step, in the exclusive interview below.

You’ll discover how even a newbie can instantly begin captivating their audience and boosting their conversions like a seasoned low mid-tier marketer.

So without further ado, here’s :

“Money or Die” Inaugural Episode of ‘Between Two Banners with Andrew Draughon’ – Guest #1: Bill Pescosolido (…We Would Have Preferred Gary V)

We do hope you enjoyed the interview!

(If you hate it, blame Michelle Pescosolido. It was totally her idea.)

If you think this was NOT funny, please send hate mail to bill@billpescobrolido.com(disclaimer: not sure if this email works).

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