Why Getting Facebook “Likes” Might Be Killing Your Network Marketing Business

Why Getting Facebook “Likes” Might Be Killing Your Network Marketing Business


Have you ever thought to yourself, why getting Facebook “Likes” might be killing your network marketing business ?

Ever wondered what Facebook “likes” are all about?

And if they’re actually important for your pages, posts, and status updates?

If so, you’re in luck!

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Because today, one of my fellow affiliates Helen and I…

Are going to discuss all things likes, and some things you should be aware of in relation to the importance of likes.

So…likes, are they a good thing? Do you need them? Is there a downside?

Okay, here’s the deal…

Likes are CRITICAL to you when you first start your page!

You might know you need about 100 likes on your page before you can start advertising.

Now, the reason for that, if you’re not aware, is there’s a lot of dodgy people out there in “Internet land.”

They’ll set up a page and want to advertise straight away.

It’s a huge red flag to Facebook if somebody sets up a Facebook page and starts advertising straight away, yet they have no fans or followers.

So, you want to make sure you get those 100 likes first before you do any advertising!

The misconception that can happen however, is an over-emphasis on how important likes are.

So, let me explain.

Likes are new people you can build relationships with

That’s what going online is all about, connecting with people wide and large, from around the world, that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to connect with.

You want to build up your following and build up the cold audience coming to you, so you can create a relationship with them.

So, it is important for that reason.

Also, it is an indication that people are there, and they’ve chosen to like your page or follow your page, so it is a bit of social proof.

So, there are the good things about likes and why they’re necessary.

New people to talk too, new relationships to build on, and that’s cool.

So, on the flip side here’s…

Why Getting Facebook “Likes” Might Be Killing Your Network Marketing Business

What is the downfall of likes?

And this is something that I see in the community that I think you need to be aware of, if you’re not already.

The downside of likes is…how should I put it?

The ego we attach to a silly number

Does that make sense?

How caught up do you get in the number?

“Oh, I’ve got 100, that’s awesome.”

Now, that’s a milestone worth celebrating because then you can do ads, but then you want 1000 and 2000, it’s like…

“Oh, this is awesome. I’m growing my fans. I’m growing my following, and this is really cool.”

People get caught up in the social proof side of it, in the ego side of the likes.

What’s wrong with that?

Exactly that, people get caught up in their own ego.

Do likes equal dollar signs?

Think likes equal dollars?

Well, likes don’t equal sales.

Likes can be a very damaging thing for you to focus on.

The danger is, you get caught up in thinking that the number is so important, that you go and buy likes.

I know there’s a lot of people in the community that have done that, and you may have done that because you’re just not aware that it can be damaging for you.

I want to explain this to you, so you understand why you don’t want to follow that strategy.

But I just want to preface by saying if you’re one of those people that’s done it, don’t freak out!

Social media moves that fast, you can recover.

You’re just going to have to work twice as hard to get engagement from the people that are there.

Let me just explain this to you briefly.

There are strategies that you can follow to pay some money, and you can get thousands and thousands of likes within a few days.

There might be some of you that don’t know this is an option, this is a good thing because I want to make you aware of it, so you don’t do it.

Don’t EVER buy “bulk” likes!

The reason for that – just think of this for a second…

You’ve got 10,000 people on your Facebook page, and no one’s engaging with you, or you’ve got 200 people on your page, and they’re all engaging with you, and interacting with you, and they love you.

You do a Facebook Live and they’re commenting and you’re getting engagement and interaction.

What do you think is better?

The 10,000 people for the social proof that you might look good, or the 200 people that are engaging and interacting with you on a regular basis?

Which one do you think is more important to you and your business moving forward in this land of social media?

There is a terrible training out there to get 10K likes in 48 hours.

It screws up your page!

Now, once again, if this is you, please don’t panic because this is social media, you can recover.

What I would recommend though, is to just work twice as hard for the engagement because you could have 10,000 people there that are from non-English-speaking countries.

I know the strategy, I’ve looked into it.

For a couple of hundred dollars, you can get 10,000 likes.

Please don’t use that strategy for your business.

Smaller, quality likes is the way to go

If you have bought mass likes, don’t freak out.

I speak to students all the time who have done this, and I can tell immediately.

I can go to someone’s page and say…

“You’ve 8,000 people but only 15 people are watching your Lives, and no one’s liking your post. So, what’s going on here?”

And then they’ll admit…

“Yeah, I bought some likes.”

What that does for the Facebook algorithm is damaging. There are all these people there, but no one’s engaging with this person.

So, let’s say I’ve got 10,000 likes…

But when I do a Facebook Live no one’s watching, no one’s engaging.

There’s just really nothing there.

To Facebook, the algorithm is contemplating…

“Okay, Helen’s got 10,000 people there, but no one’s engaging with her.”

Now, in the world of social media, there are thousands and thousands of posts going through everybody’s News Feed and Facebook has to filter those posts and work out…

“What are we going to show in front of what person?”

They’re going through all their calculations of their algorithm to work out who they show what.

If I’ve got 10,000 people there, but no one’s engaging with me, Facebook’s algorithm is basically saying…

“People don’t really like Helen’s stuff, so we’re not going to show Helen’s stuff to her people, or anybody, because there’s no real engagement there.”

Versus, if I’ve got a couple of hundred people who are engaging with me, they’re commenting in, and I’m engaging back, the algorithm is calculating…

“Oh, these people like Helen’s stuff. We’re going to continue to organically push out Helen’s content because people like her, and they’re engaging with her.”

Do you see the difference?

So don’t get caught up with the ego of the number of likes.

Instead, really concentrate on engagement.

How do you get engagement?

If you’re not doing Facebook Lives, you’re doing your business a disservice

With Facebook Live, people get to see you, hear you, know that you’re genuine, feel your personality, see that you care and show empathy.

That’s where people connect with you.

Make sure you’re doing Facebook Lives.

For those of you that have chosen to buy likes, once again, don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s just a matter of moving forward.

Never look back.

Whatever you’ve done on social media in the past, don’t worry about it, just keep moving forward.

Think…Yep, I did that, I know I need to work harder to get the engagement back…

Because I’ve got all these people sitting there that probably don’t even speak English…

And they’re never going to buy my stuff!

They’re not the people that I want to continue to engage with and build a relationship with.

So, you’re going to have to work twice as hard when you do a proper likes campaign…

Where you can target appropriately, and get the right audience.

I get it when people say…

“It’s costing me over a dollar for a like, and I can pay 200 bucks for 10,000 likes.”

That’s the ego.

We don’t want the ego.

We want QUALITY people on our page

Moreover, we want to engage with people.

If it’s too good to be true, like spending a couple of hundred dollars to get 10,000 likes, there’s a reason why that’s too good to be true.

Yes, it might be more expensive to run a likes campaign and it’s fluctuating between 50 cents, 60 cents, 80 cents, a dollar, likes campaign can do that.

But that’s the way you want to get your pre-qualified people that you’re going to build a relationship with.

When people know, like, and trust you, you know what they do?

They buy from you!

That really needs to be the strategy.

Also, I just want to add, when you first start your page and you’re concentrating on those first hundred likes, you think…

“Oh, what do I do with these people? Do I reach out to them?”

My recommendation, unless they comment, is not to reach out to them… don’t stalk people.

It’s that ugly car salesman, when you walk into a car yard or even a retail shop, and someone’s on you in a second, asking…

“Can I help you? What do you want? Blah, blah, blah,”

And you’re thinking…

“Hey, back off for a minute, buddy. I want to be in your shop, but just give me five seconds to breath.”

When somebody likes something on your page, and you jump on them straight away and send them a message…

“Thanks for liking my stuff!”

That’s almost the same ‘stalkerish’ thing.

Take your time when people comment

…and when people comment, that’s when you comment back.

Ask a question rather than just saying…

“Thanks for being here!”

Ask them a question so they can answer back and then you can have a real conversation.

Then, the Facebook algorithm loves you because it’s not just a one off comment, you’re actually having a conversation.

Hopefully, I’ve made it clear to you…

Don’t get caught up in the vanity or the social proof of likes

Yes, we want them.

Yes, we need them.

And yes, we need new people coming to our page that we want to build relationships with…

But don’t go chasing them for the wrong reasons.

Don’t go chasing them for your ego.

Don’t go chasing them just for the social proof…

That’s not going to equate to leads and sales!

When you get really good at Facebook Lives, you can get leads and sales.

You ask for the engagement from a Facebook Live.

“If you’d like some free training on attraction marketing, if you’re not sure what that is, but you’d like to start to learn how to attract people to you online instead of chasing your family and friends, just drop the word training down below and I’ll send that free training over to you, as soon as I finish my Live.”

Don’t just dictate to people on a Facebook Live, actually ask for the engagement!

Give a call to action and get people to engage with you!

The more engagement you have, the Facebook algorithm will work in your favor.

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